Mando Liussi Depaoli

Digital Strategy & Transformation

We are who the Internet says we are.
If we don’t participate in the construction of our reputation, we may be waiving our identity.


Digital Strategy
Digital Transformation
Interim Management
Digital Signage (DOOH DSE)
ORM / Reputation crisis management

Mando is a business troubleshooter and identity strategist with C-level executives transition and corporate digital transformation experience. He helps European FT 500 and MBUs rethink digital strategies, communication processes on social media, recreate brand values and set interactive protocols.

Influential thought leader, supported by boards of directors, business managers and investors buy-in, he has led tech-start-ups incubation processes, corporate spin-off initiatives, and 10+ corporate digital labs. Leading INCUBAME Tech Startup Incubator, he has conducted 45+ exercises on futurecasting opportunities identification, on methologies rightsizing and selling/acquisition strategies.

MBA lecturer. Mentor. Former PR & CMO. Director of Postgraduate Programme on Digital Marketing at the Inesdi Digital Business School, CEO & founder INCUBAME, coauthor «Comunicación Corporativa» «Mobile Communications»

A proud father, Mando enjoys living near the beach where he practices water sports.