Belén Kayser

Branded Content, Events & Sustainability

The world is full of stories ready to be told. And it needs people to find them, share them in a format that makes them shine, contextualizes them rigorously, and reach the hearts of those who live them.


Public Speaking
Digital Media
Event Management

Journalist and Storyteller with experience in digital media (social media and content).

She worked at the creative agency OgilvyOne, designing content and social media strategies for both national and international award-winning projects (Ecovidrio, ING, Avios, European Commission IOT) working in English and German. She lived for a few years in Berlin.

Before that, she was a content creator at, a blog with German news. In Germany, she collaborated with Ballena Blanca, Infolibre, El Mercurio de Chile, Público, Forbes. In June 2014, she obtained the TelcDeutsch B2 certification.

Her career began in Journalism, she worked in several media. First, on the radio, at RNE (as a reporter and as a radio drama host), before moving to print journalism in El País Galicia and then to digital news at Terra.

She led the Social Media team for Zalando.

She published “Stories of the stomach and the heart.” She was a teacher of creative writing in Berlin and at the Rayuela bookstore.

She is an independent reporter at El País (travel, business and sustainability), ETHIC, Marie Claire, Gastroactitud.

She is a speaker and teacher.

She speaks Spanish, English and German.