Silence the beginning of all trouble.
Talking is gold.

Katja Schleicher
Internal, External & Intercultural Communication 

After a long career in Corporate Communications for Media & Technology companies she now enables effective & empathic communication with all the clients she works with. From big banking, conservative pharma to ambitious startups.

With three languages, two passports and a European heart, Katja travels across borders constantly to bring people and ideas closer through communication. For more than a decade she speaks at conferences about communicative misunderstandings and how to initiate change through communication.

Katja holds an MA in German Literature & Linguistics, English & American psychology from the University of Vienna. She is Master Practitioner in NLP, Master Coach certified by Martina Schmidt-Tanger and Master of Business Presentations. She also trained in Spiral Dynamics and Integral Coaching (SDI und Ken Wilber), Proactive and Intuitive Coaching, Energy Psychology, Neuro Communication, Intercultural Communication (Richard Lewis) and Management Drives.


  • Internal Communications
  • External Communications
  • Intercultural Communications
  • Storytelling
  • Media Training
  • Public Speaker Training
  • Female & Male Communication Patterns
  • Speaking