Eva Snijders

Eva Snijders is an internationally renown expert in the fields of Communication, Public Relations and Organisational Change.

Of Dutch origin, she lived in several countries before moving to Barcelona, ​​where she studied Design. Once finished, at the age of 25, she founded her first Communications agency from which she led pluricultural projects for clients with a global presence.

In parallel, she specialised in Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and Storytelling with international professionals.

In 2007 Eva founded the first company dedicated to Storytelling and Transmedia in the Spanish-speaking world. She pioneered in applying both disciplines to Internal and External Communications, Branding and, especially, to organisational change. She became a trusted advisor for executives at companies such as Airbus, Ogilvy, Omega, Mumm and Ford.

Eva is a regular speaker at international events, start-up mentor, visiting teacher at several universities and a speaker trainer.

She is a polyglot (she speaks 7 languages). Among her hobbies are calligraphy, watercolor, poetry, travel, literature and music.

Eva creates GENETIKOMM to take her strategic vision to those organisations that wish to build a future that is coherent with their history.