Claudio Lara

Claudio has a pragmatic vision of the business world based on his professional career. He has extensive experience in multi-cultural environments, both in Europe and Latin America.

He started his career 25 years ago in his native Buenos Aires where he earned a BA in Business Administration from the UBA and an MBA in Marketing at the UB.

In Argentina, he worked as Marketing Director for several luxury brands in the automotive sector, as a Senior Strategy Consultant at Price Waterhouse & Coopers, as an Executive TV Producer at MediaPro Group and as a Campaign Manager.

He left his home country to travel the world before settling in Spain in 2011.

Currently he combines his work in GENETIKOMM with training, coaching and investment projects.

Among his hobbies are technology, fashion, outdoor sports. He is also passionate about travel and luxury cars. He collects watches because he is fascinated by the balance between aesthetics, the art of measuring time, and the complexity of mechanisms. He speaks Italian and English.

Claudio creates GENETIKOMM as a personal challenge to bring his expertise to those organisations that want, like good experiences, to be unforgettable.