Of the values ​​that guide us as individuals and organisations, there is one that governs all the others and that is coherence. When our identity, our words and our actions are aligned, everything flows and works better. Good business results are a direct consequence of this consistency.

It is an easy concept to understand when observing others and a hard one to apply in our own organisation. We are creatures of biases and habits, which prevent us from seeing the inconsistencies between what we say and what we do, or between who we are and how we act.

At Genetikomm, we are experts at solving crisis situations and agree that most of the time, their origin lies in a lack of coherence. Whether it's between brand awareness and growth strategies, between what the company communicates and its leaderships decisions, between corporate priorities and real culture, the list goes on. And divergence has a high cost.

Current economic, social and cultural trends suggest we are in the midst of a profound change that breaks with most known paradigms. There are no maps to navigate the new context, but today more than ever, coherence is our Polar star.


Our activity focuses on three major specialty areas that allow us to carry out a cross-sectional diagnosis of your organisation. In the majority of projects we act in all three to reinforce your strategy.


We specialise in designing Strategies, establishing synergies and partnerships, identifying and creating opportunities.
Because in order to develop a business and make it grow, it is essential to ask incisive questions and make brave decisions.

Strategy + Marketing + Advertising


We are experts in creating communication models that drive transformation.

In today’s world, giving people a voice and humanising communication become essential. We communicate to influence, build awareness and reputation and design consistent messages and actions to engage all stakeholders with your project.

External Communication + Internal Communication + Intercultural Communication


We are trainers, coaches and consultants. In an increasingly interconnected world, we perceive organisations and their environments as ecosystems of people; flexible, mobile and changing. Each one is different and unique. To boost their growth, it is vital to empower your people and align their development with your Strategy.

Cultural Change + Generational Change + Coaching + Formación