Our processes

The CEO’s Glasses

In our first meetings with the CEO, we determine which areas of the company they wish to strengthen. We gather information on the historic timeline and corporate culture. We agree on the contribution we can make from GENETIKOMM.

Together, we establish the Strategy and design the Road Map that will focus our actions on those areas of the organisation that will ensure major impact. Our methodology will then enable us to decide how to best influence everyone involved*.

Making Vision Happen

Once the vision of the CEO has been determined, we carry out an audit to define the areas to be influenced and the people who can lead the process*.

We design both the actions and the messages that will carry the vision through the ecosystem, making it tangible and feasible.

Road Mapping

In this process, we trace the route to organisational excellence. We translate the complexity of the organisation into an action plan and build an internal network of ambassadors to help us carry it out successfully. We empower these partners and hand them the necessary tools by holding meetings, training, executive and team coaching sessions, workshops, amongst other activities*.

The Missing Piece

In every organisation there are people, areas or systems that are strategic, but are not recognised as such.
With our methodology, The Missing Piece, we discover the true areas of influence and levers for change. We activate them, so that they contribute their value when it comes to communicating, contacting, generating or directing*.

Connecting complexity

Every change at any given point in a sphere determines the movement of the sphere, gives it impulse, slows it down or modifies its course or axis of rotation.

At GENETIKOMM we know how to positively influence the Spherical Complexity™ of the organisation and provide the CEO with the necessary tools to take its pulse, direct the movement and lead the company*.

Walking the Talk

Consistency is all about doing what you say and saying what you do.

At GENETIKOMM we coordinate the areas of Communication and Marketing to create a strong brand vision and legacy that will propel the company forward and ensure its future.

We tune customers, managers, employees, partners and shareholders into the vision and make them feel part of the structure.

As if it were an orchestra, each musician communicates, manages, directs and improves to create a harmonious whole*.

Added Value

Perpetual feedback for growth

We evaluate each stage of the process both quantitatively and qualitatively.

We share this information with the CEO and adjust our work accordingly. At the end of the project we remain involved, to avoid deviations and correct possible alterations of the initial concept.

In addition to monitoring, GENETIKOMM will ensure that the project is kept up to date, by adapting it to trends and needs*.

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