Change: The Evolution of Advertising (2)

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This post is the sequel of Change: The Evolution of Advertising that ended with the invention of television. It is a semi-automated translation of a text originally written in Spanish. In 1936 the Germans broadcast the Berlin Olympics, but in 1937 the BBC took the technical lead through an electronic system that alternated the Baird system […]

Change in the family business

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Change in the family business A family business is an organisation full of traditions whose strength often lies in the fact that the strategic considerations of the business go beyond mere financial analysis and maximisation of shareholder value. Therefore, change in the family business has different effects, sometimes difficult to understand for an external observer […]

Do you change or do you react?

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Business development, reactivity and change NOTE: This text is a semi automated translation of a post originally written in Spanish. Recommended soundtrack to read this post: Nahuel Pennisi – Todo Cambia (En Estado Acústico)  We tend to think that business development only implies the areas of Marketing and Sales, but it not only covers these, it includes […]

Communication and change

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The role of communication professionals in the organisational change process 1.– Communication and change, a conventional point of view Communication and change have been historically linked to each other. PR and Communication professionals are very much used to creating narratives and strategies that intend to introduce new products, services or ideas to target audiences. We […]